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Unique Hand-Crafted Items

Be part of our team!

Help us beta test the first of the new slipware cups, and Nab yourself a super discount while you help.

We want to send these cups out to real customers to put through real use.

To say thanks for being a guinea pig we are discounting the first batch.

Just $25 CAD plus shipping each. Each piece is one of a kind.

Who and what is this all about then?

We have 3 main creators who craft our seriously random and delightful line of products. We all love making stuff, but if we kept it all to ourselves we’d run out of room for new stuff to make!

Bera enjoys painting ceramics and making things which relate to her involvement in the SCA. She mostly enjoys fibercrafts, like tablet-weaving and garb and assessories. And also archery. She loves shooting things.

Mildly unnerving, some of it nerdy, and all of it are odd, Herman Mudget’s speciality is ceramics and painting. He pulls techniques from all over, baroque painting to special effects sculpting magic.

Chewy Summersby has a flair for creative and colourful clay creatures which are sure to delight all.

Not Handmade, Still Created by Us!

You can’t beat print-on-demand services for providing a lot of different products in a cost effective fashion. These items have been uploaded to our sister Redbubble account. Take a looksie!


Skull Mugs

Creature Mugs

Adorable Critters

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