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Who and what is this all about then?

Step into the horrifying and enchanting world of Handmade Curiosities, where the line between spooky and charming blurs in a delightful collection of one-of-a-kind handmade ceramics.

This creative collective breathes life into porcelain and stoneware, crafting monstrous mugs, nerdy ceramics and bewitching soy candles in our small studio located in Niagara ON Canada.

They love making stuff, but if they kept it all to themselves they’d run out of room for new stuff to make! Embrace the unconventional and browse the shop to seek out extraordinary gifts for loved ones, or yourself!

Bera will dip her toes in just about any creative endeavor: the current focus are funky and sassy soy candles and ceramic items that are almost too cool for everyday use. She also collaborates on with her husband Herman for fun original or fan based artwork printed to clothes and accessories. Speaking of Herman…

Mildly unnerving, some of it nerdy, and all of it are odd, Herman Mudgett’s speciality is ceramics and painting. He pulls techniques from all over, baroque painting to special effects sculpting magic.

Chewy Summersby has a flair for creative and colourful clay creatures which are sure to delight all.

Find us in the wild at:

Great Canadian Halloween Market - Sept 8 2024 - Luxe Convention Centre - Mississauga
I'm a Vendor at Hamilton Comic Con Sep 21-22, 2024 - Hamilton Convention Centre
Fear Mall - September 28 - Bowmanville
Frightmare in the Falls - October 25-27 2024

Monster Pottery by Herman Mudgett

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The most recently released Herman Mudget mugs have each been likenesses of a kind: the shrunken head portrait of Vincent Price. There are dozens of very good resources available...

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Retiring a Mold

I am retiring my elder vampire mold.  This cheeky bugger will be the last of these mugs made.  Because I work in a small studio and because I would...

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