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Our Artists

Herman Mudgett

Mildly unnerving, some of it nerdy, and all of it are odd…

Bera Oddsdottir

will dip her toes in just about any creative endeavor: the current focus are funky and sassy soy candles…

Chewy Summersby

Chewy Summersby has a flair for creative and colourful clay creatures…


The newest member of the creative team, who brings to life vibrant garden gnomes…

Do you have an idea in mind, or want to see if we have something specific you’re not seeing online?? 

Do you have any questions about purchasing?

Are you an artisan interested in selling your creations on our site?

Just wanna say hi?

Phone/Text: 607-283-4643


Mailing Address:
PO Box 581 Port Colborne
Port Colborne ON
L3K 5X8


Generally speaking, we don’t take comissions. They can be tricky to manage and often way more expensive than usual items. We are however a very suggestable bunch! So if you’ve got an idea for something you’d love to see, please let us know! If we do make the object you’ll get first dibs on the finished piece.

Drop your suggestions to us via FB, Instagram, or email:

Returns Policy

Returns accepted within 30 days of sale for refund or exchange for most products. Items broken during transit are subject to a 100% return exchange on the purchase price and taxes (if applicable).

You will be required to pay for shipping on a return/exchange item, unless item was broken in transit.

On Wearable products such as masks returns are not an option unless there is a major production fail, subject to approval. If you need to return an item please contact us at

Printed Products

Items in the Category “Printed” are provided through a 3rd party supplier Printful.

These products will be printed and shipped directly to you from their manufacturer. This means that the shipping for these products will be separate from the Handmade items in our store. If you wish to purchase both a printed item and handmade item at the same time you may, you will just see separate shipping charges for each product type.

Care Instructions

Currency & Exchange

We are Canadian and it bums us out that Canadian stores feel the need to price their products in US prices so we decided F*** That! All prices on the site are in Canadian, but we do want to make it as easy as possible for our American neighbours (neighbors?) to figure out their costs. We’ve added a very basic currency conversion to the site which give an estimate of the US dollar amount for each item. It’s manually updated (with the last updated date visible) so please be aware that it will be close but not exactly accurate. One day we’ll purchase a subscription to do this stuff for us, but today is not that day 😀

Local Pickup

If you are local (Niagara Region, Ontario Canada) and can arrange to pick up your items instead of shipping. When checking out please choose “local pickup” as your shipping option. Then on the next page please add a note regarding your pickup plans. We will contact you to confirm.

Local Pickup is not available on Printed Products.


Items ordered for shipping will be sent out within 2 business days of purchase. Depending on where you are getting them shipped to it usually takes about a week or so for the item to arrive. If you need to have your order shipping expidited please contact us at to get a shipping quote.

Shipping prices are calculated off of the weight and size total of the items you purchase. If you order within North America then your cost for shipping will be shown at checkout. We ship through Canada Post (anything else is just obscene pricing… We like obscene usually but not for this!) Tracking Numbers will be provided.

International Orders

After you make your purchase we will provide a quote & Invoice for shipping to your location. If due to the shipping cost you change your mind afterwards we will cancel and refund your order.

Shipping Packaging

It’s what inside that counts!

Some of the packages that we ship out here at handmade curiosities are well… ugly. But we think that ugly can be beautiful because the environment.

Whenever we can we customize old packaging to build our shipping boxes. Unlike some online retailers unnecessarily huge boxes we want ours to fit just right, reducing waste and shipping costs while providing a safe cozy temporary home for your stuff.

We’re proud of our ugly boxes because while it’s what’s inside that counts it would make a difference if we all thought a little about what’s outside too.

Questions? Drop us a line at: