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Ahh, Chewy Summersby… this artist enjoys nothing more than making whimsical things and then figuring out what to do with them. 

Sure, that could be said for all artists, or makers of things, but in Chewy’s case, they make things like spider-kitten hybrids, strange fridge magnets, keychains that nobody in their right mind would foist, and containers that are rightly too small to hold much of anything of value. Their “figuring out what to do with them” usually involves giving them away, hoarding them, and finally, sending them out in the world to see if they might bring someone else joy. Joy or consternation. They’re not picky. 

In reality, Chewy does also have a more “normal” side to them. Born Rachel Willms, raised in the small, and now bear-infested town of Elliot Lake, they made their way to Southern Ontario during college, earned the nickname “Chewy”, and proceeded to stick around indefinitely. 

This is where Chewy stops referring to themselves as Chewy, and stops writing in the third-person. Most people would (and by all rights, should) have stopped reading at this point anyways. 

I live to sculpt random things out of polymer clay, plasticine, and “regular” firing clays when I can get my hands on them. Every once in a while I can be found doodling in pen and ink, and colouring things up in watercolour or acrylic paints. Glazing ceramics so that they are bright and goofy is a fantastic pastime, and I urge folk to try it out!