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Exciting News Coming Up

Bera here with a bit of a state of the union for what’s going on here at Handmade Curiosities. Up until this year we’ve been treating Handmade Curiosities as more of a side-hustle for the group of us. It’s a way for us to get a little money back for doing the things we love… something that we could work on when the opportunity presented itself, but taking a back seat to everything else.

Now however, I’m pretty excited to announce, Handmade Curiosities is coming more to the forefront! We’ve been putting in many many hours and many much planning into ramping up production, and figuring out what our next steps will be for getting our stuffs out to the public.

I’m not going to give any concrete details just yet, but here is one of the new things we’ll be coming out with in the coming months

New Product: Candles!

tester soy candle in a Daruma Guy

These are going to be super freaking cool you guys, you have no idea! This product line is a collaboration between myself and Herman. Due to health reasons I find myself trying to find ways to be creative that doesn’t rely so heavily on the use of my hands, so I’ve started learning how to craft specialty candles.

We’re working on developing the scent combinations and figuring out the vessels and wicks and all that fun stuff. Lemme tell ya making candles is a lot more particular then you might guess! In upcoming blog posts I’ll talk a little bit about the process.

Will I’m figuring out the candles end of things, Herman is working on creating special edition containers for these candles. The idea is these candles will be available in glass vessels and also these special ceramic vessels that Herman is creating literally as I type lol

True to the Handmade Curiosities style, these candles will not be your normal standard candles 😀 Hold your butts!

I think that’s all I’m going to reveal for now, there is absolutely more going on but I don’t want to blow my load all at once 🙂 Stay Tuned!