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HC’s Origins Story

Now that spoopy season is over we are able to relax a bit and catch out breath, so I thought it would be a good time to tell the story of how Handmade Curiosities came to be. 2022 is when we officially became a business, but really it has been several years in the makings before that.

We are a weirdo little household, dubbed the “House of Odd” with a tight knit group of family/friends. We have a rando variety of interests but one of the things we love to do is make stuff. Some of us even persued our creative endeavors through school. At the core of this group are Ma and Pa Odd (Modd and Podd lol) otherwise known as Bera and Herman. We also use way too many nicknames lol

Bera & Herman getting booth ready for NF Comic Con, the faces pretty accurately represent our relationship LOL

So we would hang out at the House of Odd, having sleepovers well into our 40’s.. watching drag race, scary movies, cartoons.. playing games, throwing axes, playing with cats.. but more often than not we would also be crafting things. Drawing, painting, crocheting, sculpting, whatever wacky thing we saw online that week. Good times!

But then, life happened along the way. Jobs suck, financial hardships, immigration to Canada (for Herman) and health taking a dive (for Bera, turns out sometimes it really is Lupus!) and a decision was made… Lets try and turn this thing we love doing all the time for fun, into a real live business. Herman would finally be in Canada and allowed to pay for his own upkeep! Bera would be able to find another way to support herself even if her health issues meant she couldn’t do her regular job anymore.

That’s how you end up with a small crafty business that makes our wacky ass assortment of goodies. We’ll maybe talk a little more in-depth down the line about the hows and the whys and the whos of the different things we do… but for now that is the hopefully not too long and boring story about the birth of Handmade Curiosities 🙂

So, voila, there we go!