Beast Man Stoneware Mug


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Who doesn’t enjoy a fierce mug of one’s favourite beverage, featuring the grimacing visage of Skeletor’s right-hand henchman? Nobody, that’s who! Beast Man: He’s a beast, he’s a man, and now, he’s a mug!

Handmade, and one-of-a-kind, this mug will give you a leg-up in assisting your boss in taking over Castle Greyskull, and eventually (hopefully), Eternia itself!

Diameter: 3.2″
Height: 4.75″
Width: 6″
Weight: 1.12lb
Makeup: Blue and just a bit runny

Note: While Beast Man can manage being in a dishwasher, it’s better to handle him with care and wash him by hand. He’s already on-edge, you don’t want to make Beast Man more mad!


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