Climbing Gnome

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Customized Garden Gnomes to decorate your fence, home or trees. Some have custom sculpted additions and all are hand-painted. read more

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Over the pandemic I happened upon a village of gnomes that was being forced to leave their ancestral forest homes. A new developement for humans, was going to be built in its place.

I couldnt let the little gnomes go homeless, and I asked them all what they liked to do, hoping that I could find jobs for them. After listening to all of the gnomes, I noticed that half of the gnomes were interested in all sorts of jobs, while the other half just wanted to find a forest to call home. The gnomes want to help the earth by taking care of the trees and animals, so I told them about my favourite place to go, Happy Rolphs.

Recently the employees of Happy Rolphs have been working hard at thinning out the forest because of issues with disease and infestation. They have done so much work that the gnomes want to get involved and help maintain all of the good work that has been done.

The gnome project is going to help provide awareness to environmental and funding issues that arise at Happy Rolphs. Some of the gnomes have


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