Count Orleche – Vintage Halloween – 12


Classic Colourized: Nosferatu, now in lurid color! A la turner classics lol, the F. W. Murnau classic the way it was never meant to be. read more

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Progenitor of the curse, ancient and undying, Count Orleche wakes! All but stripped of humanity, he emerges after centuries, and he is grumpy from his nap.
Vintage Halloween: Inspired by the wild colorful look of classic 70s and 80s Ben Cooper and Collegeville Halloween masks.
Holds: 22oz
Weight: 16oz
Height: 5.5in
Width: 5.5in

Cast in stoneware slip, then trimmed and altered, hand-painted with underglaze colors, fired, distressed and detailed with more underglaze. Then coated inside with glaze, and finally fired again. These vessels are made using dinnerware safe practices. Tested microwave and dishwasher safe, though we always recommend hand washing as the safest practice.


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