Dermoid Cyst Tealight holder


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“Live as intensely as possible, burn your candle of life from both ends – bonus points if you do so in a candle-holder which resembles a fleshy tumor with teeth.”

No need to start the reactor, this ceramic holder has been purpose-built to hold tealights without the burning/singeing one would get when burning a candle within a real, fleshy cyst. This non-organic version features a large gaping front-hole, perfect for holding your tealight of choice. Turn it around, and you’ll be greeted by many different holes in different sizes and shapes, veins, pustules, and there’s even a gross partially-formed mouth on its back!

One of the many great things about this candle holder is that at the very top, there’s this loop made out of some sort of unknown flesh/umbilical cord/vestigial fleshtube…or something. Regardless of what it is, this means that you can have this cyst suspended! You don’t need to keep your cyst stationary – hang it with pride!

This tealight holder has been made, sculpted, and painted entirely by hand. It’s gruesomely realistic, and will very likely creep out folks who suffer from Trypophobia, or fleshy decor.

Height: 5.5″
Width: 4″
Weight: 0.68 lb
Holes: 33(ish)
Teeth: 10
Gross: Yes

NOTE: We’ve used an electric tealight for photo purposes, but you can use a real tealight instead.


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