Great Giant Goldfish Cup


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An homage to Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, this cup features on one side, a huge goldfish swimming against a red/orange sky. On the other side of the cup, it features roiling waves taking out a castle/church. Is this truly a colossal carp, or is this a regular-sized fish’s point of view when someone upsets the water in its bowl?

Many layers of thin underglazes make it seem as though this cup was painted with watercolour, and it features a bright, glossy orange/red on its upper rim and insides.

This sturdy cup is 100% hand-turned, hand-sculpted, hand-painted,and one-of-a-kind!

Diameter: 3.5″
Height: 3.25″
Weight: 0.60 lb

Note: Handwash only, as there’s too great a chance that a dishwasher might damage this piece, so it’s recommended to avoid dishwashers, just in case.


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