Lickitung Stoneware Tankard – Dirty Potter Challenge #3


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Who has a fat, bubble-gum pink body, small, round glistening round eyes, and a long, long tongue? Who’s that Pokemon? It’s Lickitung!

And this..this is lickitung! Perhaps a bit too realistic a Lickitung for some, but this is an entirely handmade, and absolutely (thankfully) one-of-a-kind.

This vessel first started its life thanks to the 2020 Dirty Potter Challenge from Earth Nation Ceramics on YouTube. It actually made it in to Earth Nation Ceramics’ video at the 18:59 mark, where Donte was “scareoused” by this wondrous little beastie. Fine praise for this bit of fine art!

The mug was first created on a pottery wheel (no forms or pre-made bits whatsoever!), and was then sculpted by hand over the period of a few weeks. Then came layers upon layers of glaze, and multiple firings so that its colours could pop.

This Licky little vessel can be used as a tankard, a trinket-holder, a mug, or as a guardian, to be placed in the corner of one’s room, to watch you while you sleep. Its top cap can be removed, and theoretically could have a hinge installed so that it could function just like a beer stein.

Diameter: 2.5″
Height: 5.4″
Width: 8″
Weight: 1.48lb
Tongue Length: 3″
Teeth: 6
Skin Folds: Very Yes

Note: We recommend hand-washing, so as to avoid bits being broken off (you don’t want the tongue of your Lickitung to break off, now do we??


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