Lumpy Bumpkins Planter


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The character on this planter looks like it’s jumped right out of a charcoal drawing! Just because it’s covered in lumps and bumps, the whites of its eyes still show amusement and merriment, and its cheeks are happy and chubby! This vessel is a bowl but also makes a great succulent planter! As a bowl it is great for cereal, soup, salsa, chili, and whatever else which might come to mind.

This vessel is 100% hand-turned, hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and one-of-a-kind. It started its life as a lump of clay on a pottery wheel, then started to gain its character after hours of sculpting, and gained life and vigor thanks to its many, many thin layers of watercolour-like underglazes.

Diameter: 4.75″
Height: 3″
Weight: 0.97 lbs
Arms: 1
Teeth: 3

Note: Handwash only, as there’s too great a chance that a dishwasher might damage this chalice by causing chips, cracks, scratches, or even breakages. Lumpy Bumpkins is named for its lumps, we don’t want any of them to be damaged!


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