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Aww, what a happy little creature! Sure, it’s got weird little chicken-hands, and strangely tubular ears, and an exposed spine, but what it lacks in a lower-half, it more than makes it up in its versatility! It works perfectly as a tumbler to convey liquids from point A to your face-hole, it functions amazingly as a vase, and it can can also hold stationary, candies, and small animals. It definitely gives off Kuato from Total Recall vibes, if Kuato had one less finger, and had been entirely dipped in Nair.

This tumbler is 100% hand-turned, hand-sculpted, and hand-painted! It started its life as a lump of clay on a pottery wheel, then started to gain its character after hours of sculpting, and gained life and vigor thanks to its many, many thin layers of watercolour-like underglazes.

Diameter: 3.5″
Height: 5″
Width: 4″
Weight: 1.20 lb
Hands: Chickeny

Note: Handwash only, as there’s too great a chance that a dishwasher might mangle this tumbler’s beautiful form, and mar it with chips, scratches, and cracks.


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