Monster Mini-Bust Shot Glasses – Frankenstein

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Frankenstein’s Monster: Monster Mini-Bust Shot Glass

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Please note that colors may vary due to screen calibration and availability of materials.


These monster mini busts have a secret. Tip them over for a sneaky fun shot glass. Perfect for bomb shots or making cocktails with added creepy style, these hold a very generous ounce. These cool porcelain monsters have vintage flair on the shelf, and a hidden wild side.

A trio of creepy classics for our Second Edition Mini Bust Shot Glasses.

This set of creatures are all at their most iconic inspired by legendary monster maker Jack Peirce. As an homage to the makeups he created, I have attempted to catch the feeling of Frankensteins monster, the wolfman and bride of frankenstein as faithfully as I can.

Peirce’s work for universal studios cemented the image of these monsters in the popular consciousness for generations creating what i think are definitive versions for modern mythology.


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