Simpsons Fugu Sake Cup


SKU: HA000143



Poison…poison…poison..ooh! Tasty fish! This slightly larger-than-average sake cup features a cartoonish “Fugu” puffer-fish from Simpson’s fame, and its insides are a sort of glossy blue/teal colour. It holds a few more millilitres of liquid than the traditional ichigo masu sake cup, but a little bit of extra room can’t hurt. This cup is 100% hand-turned, hand-sculpted, hand-painted,and one-of-a-kind! Diameter: 2.9″ Height: 3″ Width: 2.9″ Weight: 0.54 lb Holds: 200ml Note: Handwash only, as there’s too great a chance that a dishwasher might damage this piece, so it’s recommended to avoid dishwashers, just in case.


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