Tar-Topped Zombie Mug


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Nothing says thirst-quenching than taking a swig from the head of a zombie! This one looks like a charcoal drawing come to life (or undeath). Thick, black, glossy glaze drips down from the rim like tar.

This mug is 100% hand-turned, hand-sculpted, and painted with a mixture of airbrush and paintbrush. It is absolutely one-of-a-kind! It started its life as a lump of clay on a pottery wheel, then started to gain its character after hours of sculpting, and gained life and vigor thanks to its many, many thin layers of watercolour-like underglazes.

Diameter: 3.2″
Height: 4.75″
Width: 6″
Weight: 1.07 lbs
Teeth: 5

Note: Handwash only, as there’s too great a chance that a dishwasher might damage this mug by causing chips, cracks, scratches, or even breakages.


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