Vagina Dentata Mouth Mug


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Move over, boring mugs, this kitty bites back! Made of white porcelain, this hand-crafted mug features a silhouette which is very familiar to a great many among the population. Of course, each vulva is unique, and this one is even more uniquer than most: The Vagina Dentata!

Tales of teeth-laden lady-bits have circulated for millennia, with my favourite story coming from the Ponca-Otoe people of North America which tells the tale of Coyote marrying a young woman with such a vagina, however he knocks out all the teeth except for “one blunt tooth that was very thrilling when making love”. Thank you, Wikipedia!

The body of the mug has been hand-turned on a pottery wheel, then is sculpted, fired, then painted with many, many washes of thin underglaze, making it appear as though it’s been painted with watercolours.

Diameter: 3.5″
Height: 5″
Width: 5.25″
Weight: 1.02 lb
Teeth: 14
Sing with me people, Sing!

“Vagina Dentata
What a wonderful phrase!
Vagina dentata
Ain’t no passing craze
It means no penis
For the rest of your days
It’s a phallus-free
Vagina dentata”

Note: Hand-wash only, unless you want your dishwasher to pull a “Coyote” and knock this mug’s teeth out (They’re sturdy on their own, but so many things knock about in dishwashers that the chance for teeth to be broken, or chipped is too great to ignore).


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