Zombie Guy 3


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Help us beta test the first of the new slipware cups, and Nab yourself a super discount while you help. There were no problems with our initial tests, but We want to send these cups out to real customers to put through real use. To say thanks for being a guinea pig we are discounting the first batch. Just $25 Canadian plus shipping each. Each piece is one of a kind.
Cast, then trimmed and altered, handpainted with underglaze colors, fired, distressed and detailed with more underglaze. Then coated inside with glaze, and finally fired again.

Each of these little cups comfortably holds 8 ounces of beverage, or snacks, or houseplants, whatever.
Cast in stoneware slip. These vessels are made using dinnerware safe practices. Tested microwave and dishwasher safe, though we always recommend hand washing as the safest practice.There are only 9 Of this initial batch available at the discount price $25 plus shipping.


Small zombie faces weigh about 6 ounces, and hold at least 8 ounces.

Daruma guys weigh about 10 ounces and hold at least 8 ounces.


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