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Retiring a Mold

Clay cast of vampire mug

I am retiring my elder vampire mold. 

This cheeky bugger will be the last of these mugs made. 

Because I work in a small studio and because I would prefer to spend my time sculpting instead of producing large numbers of the same mugs, I make just one plaster mold for my mugs. 

These plaster molds do not last indefinitely and produce only a few castings before they begin to show their age, and need to be sent to live on a farm somewhere vague. 

The elder vampire mold has gotten to that age, but don’t be sad before I have to take this old mold out behind the woodshed I made a final copy in monster clay! 

clay cast of vampire mug next to monster clay cast

The elder vampire will get a fresh new re sculpt and come back as a  brand new mug design. 

Maybe it will still be a vampire, maybe a mummy, or maybe some as yet undrempt of horror you will just have to wait and see.