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Website Updates

Our IT department is hard at work on the site today bringing you some updates to make for a more better online shopping experience!

We had experimented with Integrated Shipping and have decided that’s not for us! So we’ve updated the prices across the board and added in a shipping calculation for our North American customers. For our International peeps we’ll get you a quote since the costs are so varied!

Also, since our prices are all in CAD (it bums me out that Canadian companies feel the need to price in USD so I decided F*** that) but we do love our Americans (our resident creepy sculptor Herman IS one too) so we’ve added a basic currency conversion estimate for USD into the product pages.

The exchange rates change often so this will give y’all an idea of what the cost difference is but it will not be 100% accurate.

Some day we’ll pay for a service to do this, but today is not that day 😀

We hope this makes things easier for everybody! We maintain this thing all by ourselves, instead of going with Etsy or some other website builder.. so if you have any feedback or things you’d like to see on the site let us know!

~ Bera
Business Daddy and Maintainer of all things internets