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What Thread/Yarn do I use?

This is a questions that plagued me when I first started out with tablet weaving.. what type of thread or yarn do I use?

For those who might already have some experience with knitting or weaving this question might not be such a difficult one, but for me I had absolutely no clue where to even start. Searching online was a bit of a challenge too because there are actually a few factors which will affect your  weaving.

Ultimately don’t let this stop you from picking up the craft!

My Recommendations for the absolute beginners

Crochet Cotton

Crochet Cotten is cheap, plentiful, available just about anywhere.. plus it’s smooth and strong. All of these factors make it absolutely perfect for those just starting out. Downside for this stuff is the colour range is limited.

Look for Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton at any craft store or Walmart – Size 10 or smaller (bigger numbers = smaller)

Embroidery Floss

Also cheap and readily available.. this is a great option for trying out tablet weaving as well. The only downside is it comes in little skeins which won’t give you a lot of length. There is a huge selection of colours though so that’s fantastic

This is also available at any craft store, and even in a lot of dollar stores

Cotton Yarn

The Cotton yarn is great for making a chunky belt. Plus since it’s a bigger and thicker material it’s really easy to see what exactly is happening with the twisting of the threads and such.

The range of colours for this stuff isn’t as wide as the embroidery floss. But it’s also available at any craft store. Most stores will carry either the Sugar N’ Cream or Peaches and Cream Brand.

Later on I will post info on more historically accurate types of materials to use. For those who’ve gotten into the swing of things and want to improve their game 🙂